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  1. Hi folks. Is it possible to renumber bookmarks, and if so, how? I have a large file of joined music tracks and I have bookmarked the start of each track for ease of finding it. I have added a track midway into the main file and bookmarked it but the bookmark has automatically numbered itself the next consecutive number from the last bookmark, whereas I want it to be re-numbered to run in line from the previous bookmarked track before it. Not sure if this makes sense so as an example: Main file with each track bookmarked 1,2, 3,4, 5 etc. I have added a track after tra
  2. Hi - thanks for the suggestion. But I think the amplify option will also only amplify each track based on its original volume - so it won't level out all the tracks to an equal volume, if each tracks starts at a different volume level. What I want is to be able to set one volume level and batch convert all the tracks to the same level, regardless of what they originally start at.
  3. Hi folks. Been using the Wavepad Audio Editor for some time now but new to the forum. I've just paid to upgrade to the full version because I really wanted to standardise volume levels of several music files in one go. I've looked at the all the batch options and can't see anything where I can choose to set a specific volume level across all the selected files. I've looked at the normalise option but this just seems to normalise each individual track, based on its original levels? Whereas I want to set a specific level for all tracks to be adjusted to. Could anyone please advise
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