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  1. I have been using Vonage for years and just lately, in the last 4 months or so, I am experiencing busy signals or "Line no longer in service" messages. Nice. Vonage blames the software and the server when you first call, but then further investigation they will admit that they are having outages. This is happening for a whole day sometimes, and is now recurring monthly.
  2. I had this happen with a client and it turned out that the phone system they had in their office was buggy. Their IT guy told me it always gave problems no matter what system they tried. It seemed that the call-waiting tone was generating a signal to Dial Dictate that it interpreted as a hang up command. They had to turn off the Call-Waiting on certain phones. That helped.
  3. You have to be connected to the internet to do this, I think
  4. Yes, we are having this problem also. I have paid support and have sent the trace file to the company.
  5. I get the same thing when trying to complete a job. Sometimes it completes quickly, sometimes it hangs up so long I have to turn the program off and do it again (and again).
  6. In the settings file change the output device from default sound out to your audio card, which is in the drop down menu. This cleans things up a lot.
  7. We are also having this problem. If the dictator his the end and start new recording button on several small dictations it may be the they are "stacking up" and Dial Dictate needs a little more time to send and start the next one.
  8. I have two Cox digital lines and have had no problems so far.
  9. When you record a prompt and the sound is too low you hit the "Change Voice Prompt Key" it gives you the option to edit. When you pick this it will bring up and install another little program called wave pad. Your little file will be there and you can punch up the sound quite a lot and clean it up. It is really neat. My number is 520-792-1561. If you need help with this give me a call.
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