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  1. Thanks @Nationalsolo and @borate - those steps (particularly adding a sequence) are looking very positive. I will report back.
  2. I have no SEQUENCE tab above the media bin (just Video Files, Audio Files and Images, as seen in the screendump). The only occurrences of the word "Sequence" are at the very top (File Edit Clip Track Sequence Video Effects Audio Effects ... Help), on the line below that (File Home Clips Sequence Audio Export Suite) ad immediately above the Timeline (Sequence 1). I am using VideoPad Professional v 6.10.
  3. I appreciate your help. However when I do as described, the ]End remains greyed out (or, worse, is not visible at all because the Clip Preview window just shows "No clip selected" as per image above). I suspect I'm just not grasping a concept here, however I have tried all the ways I can think of to export just a short section - with edits - but all I can find is exporting part of one single clip (as you described) or exporting the whole hour-or-more.
  4. Yes... that's fine if you're only trying to export a small bit of a single clip. What I (and, I suspect others) want to do is export an arbitrary part of the whole project - for example as defined by the blue area below:
  5. I must be misunderstanding what you mean when you say "Click the desired sequence". I'm obviously missing a concept somewhere. This is exactly what I'm doing and seeing: I click on <file><home><clips><sequence><audio>... I see the Video Files area upper left, Clip Preview area upper centre, and Sequence Preview area upper right (I have a 4k screen; it's not crowded). Across the bottom of the VideoPad window is the Timeline showing all my tracks, edits, audio etc. I'm looking at Sequence 1 - the only sequence. I move what I assume is the sc
  6. I'm using 6.1 and none of these suggestions appear to meet my needs. I am editing a multi-camera shoot and need to check that a complex piece of cutting in the middle of an hour-plus works as intended. It doesn't render in the Sequence Preview window properly, perhaps because it is more complex than my i7-4790 can handle in real time (even at low res, which is no good to me anyway because I need a full resolution export). Intuitively, I should be able to highlight a range on the timeline (what else is that blue ribbon for?) and hit something like 'export selected' - but there doesn
  7. I had similar issues on my slightly old 4K gaming PC (i7-4790, SSD, 16GB, Win7, GTX1070). I was trying to edit a four-camera shoot of about an hour of mixed 1080p, 2k7 and 4k footage and it was nightmarishly slow. I tried all the cache, preview size and so on suggestions with minimal improvements. Turned out that Windows had 'helpfully' set the Power Plan to 'balanced', which meant the 3.6/4GHz processor never went faster than 800MHz; changing the Power Plan to 'High performance' made it work at the sort of speed I'd expect.
  8. I believe I have solved this. It appears to have been down to a Windows power scheme setting that - for some unknown reason - had been set to 'balanced' rather than 'performance'. The net result was that the i7-4790 processor almost never went above 800MHz clock even though it's rated at 3600MHz (3.6GHz), 4GHz boost. I discovered this by running a graphics benchmark. The PC had been behaving fine as a 4K gaming rig (which just shows how much of the work is done by the graphics card) but one of the tests was intentionally CPU-intensive. That revealed what was going on. I checked the BIOS a
  9. Thank you; I have done so. I apologise that my request for further instructions was somewhat curt.
  10. That I can probably do (if I can find somewhere that will transfer 50GB for free...) Please send me a PM with further instructions. I am in the process of uploading (most of the) files via Filemail - about 35GB total, which will take at least 10-12 hours at my connection speed.
  11. Thanks for your suggestions. Whilst I understand the frustration of not having access to files, the project is a family funeral that was filmed strictly on the understanding that the images would not be published (the video is intended for some close relatives who could not attend). In theory I could create comparable files by filming a clock or something with the same cameras but that might take a while. The cache is probably not an issue. This was a brand new, clean install. However, I have now tried 'clear all cache files on exit' and re-starting (and turning the option back off again)
  12. Hi all I'm new here and new to VideoPad (Professional, V6.10), coming back to video editing after a looong break (last software I used was Adobe Premiere 5.1, back when we thought MiniDV was the best thing ever). But I digress. I'm having severe usability problems with the speed of VideoPad. My PC is Windows 7 running on an i7-4790 (4 core, 8 thread) at 3.6GHz, 16GB RAM, fast-enough SSD [>500MB/s linear read and write, ~40MB/s 4kb random read and write], nvidia GTX1070 video and 4k monitor. My project is a four-camera shoot using mixed video sources - two 1080p HD, one 2k7
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