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  1. Couldn't find the sticky that you suggested, borate. Was going to try Nat's 11-step suggestion, but step #2 gave me an warning message that pictr was "not secureā€¦ Configured improperly." so I did not proceed. I'll see if I can possibly use Greenshot to create a URL but that will have to wait till later today. I must step away from this tech challenge and work on the content of my presentation. I'm not giving up, I'm postponing. Meantime, I remain very grateful for your assistance. Gracie
  2. borate, thanks. No luck. I found the .vpj file exactly as I named it and exactly where I saved it. I had already opened it before I sent the ALARM message, but I tried it again, just in case. At least I still have the time-consuming, layered image that I created in order to edit the video. Tomorrow, I will try to re-insert it as well as I did today! Meantime, perhaps additional feedback may prevent me from making the same mistake again! Thanks, again.
  3. Nat, thanks much. I do have a project-2.vpj - the one I saved just before posting my last entry. It does NOT have my changes. I seriously need to troubleshoot what I did wrong. I've spent the entire day on this and thought I "had it." I did move my project video clip (.avi) from the bin into Timeline...I do not recall VP asking if I wanted to. I merely dragged it into Timeline. It did not remove the clip from sequence. I was editing from there. Making changes to the original video. I'm not making little ones out of big ones -- I'm editing the original. That's why I pulled
  4. Thanks so much. Learned a lot from your response...most importantly that "file in a bin...is not 'open' as such." Without that bit of info, I never would have considered DELETE as an option. However, if the video file is not "open," how do edits that are saved in .vpj get married to the video file. Instinctively, I had already begun, as you suggested, incrementally numbering the progressing .vpi project. And just now I was horrified because I spent two hours on edit #2 that I was celebrating because I completed a fairly complicated segment, saved the project-2.vpj -- and the video cl
  5. I'm really new to VideoPad...and this must be simple...but I cannot figure out how to CLOSE an item in a bin that I've only opened so I can review it. I've made no changes. Is the step to SAVE AS its original name? Haven't tried that. Thanks.
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