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  1. Solved: C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\NCH Software\Components\aacenc3\aacenc3.exe But important to know that some computers have this file hidden, so go under options, view, unclick "hide protected programs" just to see this file and delete, then return the click after deleted.
  2. Hello all! I'm new at this, but from what I saw on the site and reviews, this software is pretty much plug and play, and it has been easy for a novice like me. The problem is that the files I export have no sound. Info: HP envy 1/2 year old device, mp4 video/audio file imported, sound during the video pad editing, no changes done to the audio, audio is not muted and again, the sound is heard fine before the export. When I check the exported file on media player there was no sound, and also 1 file was uploaded to YouTube (thankfully I caught it and deleted from viewers or el
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