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  1. Sorry about the late reply - i'm in european timezone... My project is here: https://euclive-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/g/personal/jeba_eucnord_dk/EUmjPkSlJo5DmNXOvW45Y58BOnMHQkNs86Ziw-wQY3TGBg?e=U8zvts
  2. @c_major Well a little diffficult to tell, I don't want to upgrade (pay) as long as it isn't working, and I cant export in the demo version... So how to solve that ?
  3. I got exactly the same problem. (version 5.04) My video is playing sound fine in the videopad editor and the preview. But when I export it to either file or Youtube there is no sound at all. I have checked - none of the sound icons are muted. I have to audio tracks in my project.
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