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  1. When i put a background noise (just an audio clip of a train going by) it's pitch is lowered by the program. When i apply a high pitch to the audio file it comes out slightly normal when added to the background noise. The background noise file is ruined by the program and i can't figure out why its doing that only to background noise files. (the program lowers the pitch of the Background Noise audio for no reason). I am trying my best to explain this problem i am having sorry. ............ I show what i mean by Voxel Noise Messing up for me by lowering the tone of the audio
  2. When i add a background nois to voxel it makes the sound extremely deep, too hard to understand and i can't figure out how to fix it. please help. i want to be able to play a audio in the background but voxel makes it deep for no reason
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