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  1. Hi Nat, Your message came just in time! Somewhere on one of the sites I was reading about Bookmarks, but I was cleaver enough NOT to bookmark that site either, sometimes I amaze myself. Thank you for answering my question. That site said something about going to sequence/player………………..something and then I got lost because I could not find player! Again, thanks for taking the extra time for my post. Regards, -Bill db1433
  2. At first glance, you would think that I would be a happy camper just completing editing my first video using Video Pad Editor. I would be if I could remember what I did but what happened was I was using one of the tutorials in split screen while working on my first DVD and got myself lost~! I think I’ll be ok. What I need help with is a dialog box that came up while I was in the Export Tab/DVD section. The box came up quickly and vanished just as quick. All I remember is that it offered me an opportunity of inserting chapter -markers into my project video. If some
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