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  1. Just rolled back to 4.58, and NO performance issues. Fast and snappy.
  2. Is there a download link for the previous version. 6.3x is broken (even after a reinstall). Won't stop threads properly, slow, sometimes unresponsive. Unusable.
  3. 6.32 is a complete resource hog. Trying to find download for previous 6.5x version if anyone has it.
  4. When I bought the updated version it asked if I wanted to take a backup when installing. After past experience, I always do now as I can't recall a single release that has not had some new quirk or breaking bug. If you email support they will send you a download link for the previous version. What I suggest is you use audacity to open your file, it will ask which tracks. Then export as "multiple" and add those files to your project as a workaround. This is how I get my multi-track audio as VP has not asked or provided a split function for some time now. My source from OBS is mkv, and yes, it always used to work until a few versions ago.
  5. Guess we disagree on definitions and technical standards then.
  6. No. Mono is a single channel. It should be equally distributed in a multi-channel environment unless specifically configured not to. This is a well-established standard. VideoPad 6.xx breaks this standard. Therefore it is a bug.
  7. Mono track plays left only, despite having pan set to centre. This is not a "feature" nor is it correct behaviour. It is a bug. It was introduced in 6.xx All other application tested play mono track equally left/right unless explicitly told not to. They do not make arbitrary decisions. Changing the audio pan in VideoPad makes no difference. Mono remains left channel only. "In mono, only one loudspeaker is necessary, but, when played through multiple loudspeakers or headphones, identical signals are fed to each speaker, resulting in the perception of one-channel sound "imaging" in one sonic space between the speakers."
  8. Mono. Play left and right. Equally. Across both channels. Unless explicitly set not to on a case by case basis. Like every other application except VideoPad 6.xx. Idiots.
  9. I don't think you understand. My audio is 100% fine. Has been for 100s of videos. 6.xx no longer fine. I just moved the project files to Davinci, it works 100% as expected. It is VideoPad that is broken. It's NOT incorrect if it is working as per user expectations. Stupid developers making arbitrary decisions that don't match use cases is the problem. 6.xx is BROKEN. No. Audio is 100% fine. I won't upload. I will simply stick to the earlier version and do a charge-back.
  10. It is. I use OBS to record, I use Audacity for post audio processing. Are you saying Audacity is not as good as WavePad. Please don't. That would just embarrass yourself. 6.xx is BROKEN.
  11. What reply? There is no other comment in this thread?
  12. No. It has not been fixed. 800 plus videos produced using VideoPad and 6.xx is BROKEN. 25+ years in IT and I know how to determine if something is broken. 6.xx is BROKEN.
  13. Thanks, Borate. But I am running 6.23. Same issue. Even with old projects that were fine. It is nothing to do with the source files. I use stereo for game content and mono for narrative commentary. Always have. If there is one audio track, it plays to both left and right channels, even if mono (as expected). But as soon as there is a second audio track added to the sequence it then plays out of one channel only. It's a bug. It needs a fix, not a workaround from 2017. I rolled back to Videopad 5.32 and the problem has gone away. It is clearly a 6.xx issue. Unless fixed in 6.xx soon, I will be asking for a refund.
  14. Since 6.2x I have a situation with more than one audio being added to a project being split to left and right channel, even if the tracks are stereo. e.g. 1st audio goes to the right channel, 2nd to the left channel etc I reloaded a previous project, and this is also happening to that project. so it is not my source. This is completely messed up. In fact, if you have just one audio added to the project, it goes to both left and right channels. Why does every release of VideoPad come out so broken? Every single one. I have produced over 800 videos with VideoPad. I am always hesitant to upgrade.
  15. Doesn't show any option to select which audio track when adding mkv or mp4 files with multiple audio tracks. Always shows just the first track. Lazy programming. The only workaround I have found is importing into Audacity with the ffmpeg plugin and then export multiple tracks as separate files. Then pull them back into VideoPad.
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