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  1. There use to be a dialog box which showed up when I imported an mp4 file with multiple audio tracks. The dialog asked me which audio tracks to use. I stupidly clicked the "Don't show this dialog" checkbox and now I can't find anything in the preferences to get it back. How can I get this dialog box back?
  2. I have an MP4 file with 3 audio tracks. 1and 2 are from the desktop video and track 3 is my voice over. I usually make a copy of this file can call one xxx_video.mp4 and the other xxx_voice_over.mp4 When I import them I tell the first file to use tracks 1 and 2 and the seconds file to use audio track 3. I did a stupid thing and clicked the "don't show this dialog" checkbox when Video Pad Pro starts up and is asking me which audio tracks to use. Now I can't get that dialog box back to choose my audio tracks. How do I get that dialog box back?
  3. SB Gaming, how did you roll back VideoPad to a previous version? I'm ready to record season 2 of my Youtube channel and VideoPad use to ask me which audio tracks in my MP4 files I wanted to import. It no longer does. I use to be able to make my video recorded with OBS64 as an MP4 file with the desktop on channels 1 and 2 and my voice over on channel 3. I'd then copy the file and make a 2nd file called EpsiodeXX_ voice.mp4 I'd import the first file and VideoPad would ask which audio tracks to use, I'd select 1 and 2. I'd then import EpisodXX_voice.mp4 and tell it to use track 3. I'd th
  4. And now, over a year later, I'm doing Youtube videos again and just like SBGaming, it's not giving me the option to select audio tracks. This is really frustrating.
  5. I do Youtube Videos and had this same problem. The way I got around it was this: I record using OBS64 and I put the desktop audio on tracks 1 and 2 and my voice on track 3. I save it as an MP4 file. I then copy the saved file and save it so I have the same file with 2 different names. I import the first file into Video Pad Pro while telling it to use Track 1 in stereo (which actually gives me tracks 1 and 2. Then I import the 2nd file (same file, different name) and I tell that one to use track 3. I now have 2 parallel videos with separate audio tracks in my lower scroll
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