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  1. Okay, so i worked 8 hours on my Video and then suddenly VideoPad Editor crashed when draged and dropped a Picture in (Previously i saved my Project multiple times). I restarted my Computer and tried to open the Project but it said: "The file provided is not a valid VideoPad Project file." I clicked ok and a window asked me: "An Autosave Project file exists in Addition to the specified Project. Which Project would you like to try to open?". I clikced on Open Autosave, but nothing happened. Then I looked in my Folder where the Project was saved and it was there, but it had 0 KB. My question is: Can I get my Project back or is it gone forever? I put a lot of effort in this (probably 8-10 hours) and I am really devastated I would be very thankfull if anyone could help me! Thanks David
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