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  1. Jon

    Revert back to 8.63

    Humm, It was working just fine until I did the latest upgrade. Did you try 2 texts? The first one works fine but if I add a second one, that is where the trouble is. Did you try 2 text overlays and then run it? Jon -0-0- I just installed the previous version and all works just fine again. It must be a glitch exclusive to my machine I guess.
  2. Jon

    Revert back to 8.63

    The problem is when I insert a text overlay or scroll into the video, track2, it works ok with the first one. If I add a second one later in the video, it dose NOT show up at the time placed. It will show up 10 to 15 seconds down the timeline. If I move the second one up to track 3, it plays at the time I put it there but then I can't add any more at a later time. It then does the same thing and the text overlay will show up 10-15 seconds later. That is why I want to revert back to the previous version. Oh and malware bytes is blocking that old version url! Jon
  3. Hey guys, I am having a glitch in 8.64 and need to revert back to 8.63 which was working just fine. How can I do that?
  4. Jon

    Fuzzy screen recording

    Thanks for the help Elk. Did all the settings you suggested and it is exactly the same. Fuzzy! Any other suggestions? Jon
  5. Problem....When I try to record my desktop screen, it is all fuzzy and you can't read any text. Zooming in helps but then only captures part of the screen. Here is a short vid of what it captures in the browser https://www.online-ministries.org/Debut-test.mp4 Could it be the monitor? I use a Sansiu 24" tv as my monitor.
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