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  1. This issue has not been fixed, even after 5 years. Windows 10 O/S Moneyline Plus v. 2.04 FYI - The first month was fine. The second month did not reconcile properly, so I unchecked/unreconciled ALL transactions, and then reconciled, January and February - worked fine. March again would not reconcile to the balance shown!! So, I emailed Tech Support. Answer was: "Thank you for contact NCH Software Support We will be more than glad to assist you today, The only way to set them as Reconciled, will be to click the "Reconcile Account" option, to mark them as Reconciled, there is no other way, the balance will change... Let us know if you need further assistance," I did not ask to change the balance because the balance is correct. I asked how to mark transactions as reconciled without doing a correcting entry which would screw up the balance!!! There needs to be a way to mark transactions as "Reconciled" the same way we are able to "Unreconcile". Simple programming code would do it. If your programmers cannot do something so simple, give a call to the SplashData / SplashMoney folks - their software has been able to do this for over a decade.
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