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  1. The save project file as.. save.. overwrite creates a back up file that consumes the hard drive. It will need a computer with large memory capacity.
  2. I repeat for the third time - there is already a filename. No need to make another filename save project file as... Like the screen shown above is like that - the " Save project file " is greyed out. ( v 6.01 )
  3. It has already a filename given ( this version 6.01 ) and the save project file after editing is greyed out. What is wrong.
  4. After editing video i would like to save the changes made and save project file is not available ( it has already a filename of the project ). The only way I can is exit and save. What is wrong.
  5. Thanks everyone for your reply, appreciated. I learnt that the resolution in the export product will govern over the preview one. In the clip preview even if the duration is increased but the one in the timeline is not dragged to match the clip preview duration, the timeline preview governs. Therefore Videopad is like what you see, is not what you get for beginner like me.
  6. Yes the ratio is 16:9 but i do not know if this 800/450 same size for video frame 1920 x 1080 if placed in the timeline. Also the text clip duration is 5 sec. and the timeline shows 3 sec., they are not of the same duration.
  7. In the preview settings: text clip width 800, height 450, what unit is this? is it in, mm, pixels, or what? I like to match the full size of video frame with ratio 16:9 with no black space on both sides.
  8. How to reset the software into its default values. Since all the default has been mixed up, I would like to return to the origin. thanks.
  9. VPsense52

    Text clip

    Any idea as to what is the best quality result using the format .mpg or .avi for the ff. specs: HD720, 1280x720, 29.97 rate, 44KHz, audio/music stereo-wav, save to computer and burn in the DVD styler and can be played in DVD player. Added: Use .mpg or .avi file extension is best for MPEG2 format, anyone can help me. If i export in the videopad dvd option what is the filename extension that can be played in DVD player?
  10. VPsense52

    Text clip

    At last i have changed the color of the text by clicking on eyedropper and click on color pallete. Now I am ready to save into my computer ( export video file ) and burn into DVD styler in MPEG2 format playable in my DVD player. What is the filename extension saved to my computer ? Hp windows 10, 64 bit, dvd styler v2.9.6, again thanks to all.
  11. VPsense52

    Text clip

    I followed your guide but i can not change the font color. Also changed the start and end of text but it will not allow me to change, I clicked apply at the end but I do not know what block me from doing it. Any other thought that might help me?
  12. VPsense52

    Text clip

    I was able to edit the subtitle text and i would like to change the color of text. How to do it? thanks.
  13. VPsense52

    Text clip

    I was able to type text ( subtitle text ) in the blank image clip colored as yellow background and place in third track at the end of all the sequence, but i got wrong accent, so i would like to edit the text but no option to edit only delete whole subtitles and start a new one. What is the correct procedure. If i use add text it will create a new text clip and not overlay to the blank clip. Needs guide please.
  14. VPsense52

    Text clip

    How to make the text steady on screen reading for the whole sequence of three seconds? Now I have is scrolling from left to right. Also how to change the color of background of text to yellow color. Videopad v6.01, HP window 10, thanks.
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