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  1. The balloon effect is still subject to split-testing and is not available for all users yet. We put the description in the help doc pre-emptively anyway.
  2. Hi PSFerriera, Unfortunately the 2 second fade-in default is hard-coded into the program. I will file an item on our track list for making it so the user can choose this value.
  3. Actually, we have a relatively new feature where you can drag and highlight a part of the sequence and select 'Export selected region'. In your case it might be a bit tricky to get the exact right selection.
  4. Big changes on this release. Bugs fixed: Fixed effects not displaying on batch editor properly if hardware acceleration is on Fixed some visual artifacts related to the green screen effect Fix a possible crash after using the Resolve Missing Files dialog Fix possible crash when dragging points on mask effect Fix control panel hiding automatically on the full screen preview even when the user is trying to edit something on it Fix audio scrubbing bugs Fixed can rename a locked track Disabled click-to-play on the preview if previewing an audio
  5. Those two progress dialogs ("Generating" and "Loading") are probably more intrusive than they should be. We could try making it more invisible to the user by having the icons generate/load in the background without showing a dialog of any kind. That would solve the problem of it auto-closing the welcome dialog.
  6. The "Loading effects and Transition icons" should only really come up once. It is just loading the thumbnails for certain effects and transitions for when you look at them in the popup menus. If it somehow can't find that folder, then it would re-generate the folder with all the icons. I can't think of why it would always appear for you, however.
  7. Bugs fixed: Fixed transition bugs from last version Fixed incorrect scrolling for text clips. Split button not appearing on storyboard mode Thumbnails slow to update for certain clips when applying Flip, Rotate etc. New features: New audio fade options, including audio ducking. Volume and pan sliders added to storyboard mode New text scrolling mode: top-to-center General preview and caching improvements
  8. Hi Nat, I think this is intended behaviour? Makes sense to me at least, and I believe this is the way it's been working so far. When you only have a Left clip (Clip A) in a transition and no Right clip (Clip B), we take a transparent frame and treat it as the Right clip. So in the case that you add a Fade through White to a singular clip, it will flash white in the middle of the transition, and the rest of the transition is just fading in to the Right clip. Which in this case is a transparent black frame so that you'll see Clip A -> Flash white -> Dip to black. This is logical
  9. VPJ is not a video format, actually. It is a VideoPad project file. It describes everything in your project such as clips, effects & transitions applied, cuts and edits made, and much more. When you have been editing a video you can save and load to a VPJ file to save your progress. Also, a VPJ file is very small. It sounds like you want to Export your edited video. After dragging your clips from the project bin to the sequence and making your edits, go to the Export tab and try one of the many export options. ('Video File' is a good starting spot). Here you can choose from many outp
  10. Yes, take a look at the various timer animations we provide in the Add Title on the Home tab.
  11. @plevintampabay My only guess regarding your crash is that when you ran the old version it read some cache files generated by the newer version (stored somewhere in your AppData folder). Cache files are not required to be compatible between different versions of VideoPad and may result in a crash if there is a mis-match. This is why we delete all cache files on install or re-install. So trying to revert to an older version by replacing the Program Files (x86) files probably wouldn't work perfectly. We can't give you an exact release date, the decision to release lies with the testers
  12. Thanks for reporting this issue, we have already fixed it locally. We'll get a new release out soon when some other new bugs are fixed too. Answering the question about loading newer project files into older versions of VideoPad, there is a notion of a 'project file version' that we maintain. As long as two versions of VideoPad have the same 'project file version', the older version can try to load newer version's project. If the project file versions do not match then VideoPad does not even attempt to load the project and displays an error. The reason is that some versions of VideoPad p
  13. Some minor fixes: Fixed cursor flickering between two icons when dragging from project window to storyboard window New replace and insert icons cursors used when dragging from project window to timeline window Fixed 'Cut' option working even on a locked track. Fixed certain bubble-tips can display on top of the welcome dialog Fixed FX and Fade buttons working incorrectly in some cases when track is collapsed Fixed Rotate and Flip right-click options not working on image sequence clips New feature: 'Show Alpha Mask' mode on Green Screen effect. Disp
  14. Thanks for your comments! I'll see what's going on with the website change-log, looks weird to me.
  15. General improvements / new features: Green Screen improvements: add new Feathering parameter. This has a similar effect to the Fading parameter (make pixels semi-transparent) but it only affects the boundary between the foreground image and keyed out background. Both can be used to make leftover green pixels blend in with the new background. Note that Feathering is significantly slower than Fading, especially as the Feathering value gets large. 'Brightness' mode in Green Screen changed to 'Color + Brightness', giving a better key overall. Improved performance when reading fro
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