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  1. "Strangely Soundtap had never done that before I purchased it, ..." - @Eszter Iván Perhaps a refund of the purchase price would restore the vanished facility ?
  2. The following from NCH Software Support ... Suggestions? That they cease selling lemon software, 'cos it won't fit in my computer! Eric
  3. Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! 31.9505° S, 115.8605° E NCH do you read? Flak is thicker than the fragmented .wav files of v 4.00 and v 4.01 Hallo vapors; I replaced v 4.00 with v 4.01 but still no option to "Ignore breaks in audio streams", under Devices or anywhere else. I've submitted a ticket to Technical Support requesting Search and Rescue. Let's hope the weather is benign in the Indian Ocean. Eric - anxiously watching the altimeter!
  4. Thank you, vapors, for the response. I appear to have an inferior installation (v 4.00) of SoundTap. Its Options contains no provision to "Ignore breaks in audio streams". General is the only thing available. See screen snip at http://www.randomvoting.com/exhibits/SoundTap-Options.jpg or image below: Eric
  5. My apologies if this problem has already been raised. At age 74 years and new to a lot of amazing software I'm very ready to seek immediate help. I have installed SoundTap v 4.00 Licensed software on a machine running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1. Full specifications (from Piriform 'speccy') at http://www.randomvoting.com/exhibits/ERIC-PC_speccy.txt The Sound input device option is set at Stereo Mix (Realtek High Definition). 'Also record from microphone' was un-checked. It's the Labor Day holiday weekend in Western Australia and I was trying to record a YouTube version of 'The Internationale' (Video URL at https://youtu.be/xJB3aRd-q74 ) for the benefit of an aging relative who is unable to reach the computer desk. The video is of 4:29 duration. But I couldn't get a continuous recording. What I kept getting was a series (see a typical list below) of .wav files that appeared to have no discernible pattern. 05/03/2018 04:00 PM 11,687,530 2018-03-05 155903.wav 05/03/2018 04:00 PM 467,474 2018-03-05 160019.wav 05/03/2018 04:00 PM 1,329,746 2018-03-05 160024.wav 05/03/2018 04:01 PM 4,847,390 2018-03-05 160034.wav 05/03/2018 04:02 PM 9,946,358 2018-03-05 160104.wav 05/03/2018 04:02 PM 1,354,158 2018-03-05 160203.wav 05/03/2018 04:02 PM 1,291,590 2018-03-05 160212.wav 05/03/2018 04:02 PM 414,834 2018-03-05 160224.wav 05/03/2018 04:02 PM 527,698 2018-03-05 160230.wav 05/03/2018 04:02 PM 157,246 2018-03-05 160234.wav 05/03/2018 04:02 PM 176,790 2018-03-05 160236.wav 05/03/2018 04:03 PM 10,463,654 2018-03-05 160239.wav Is there a way I can get the entire 4:29 minutes into one continuous recording? Or do I need RecordPad to do the job? Eric, in Thornlie, Western Australia.
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