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  1. You are right. In my case it showed "Fast Capture" but the option .mp4 was present.... I was under the assumption that the .mp4 options was under "Encoder options"... Thanks for your help.
  2. Hello, I just installed the latest version of NCH Debut. (7.05) I want to record my screen in a MP4 file. Where is the option to change the recorded video file type with NCH Debut 7.05 ? Right now, I can't only record .avi which are bigger. I'm 100% sure that I was able to record MP4 file before. Is it possible to do this with version 7.05 ? Thanks for your help
  3. Hello, I bought a key for Debut Video Capture but I can't use it with latest version from the website. It says I have to use version 3. Where can we download Debut archives version ? Thanks
  4. Hello, Can you also send me the link I have a key for Debut Capture but I can`t use it with latest version. It says I have to use version 3.
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