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  1. Hi, Usually my videos are 20mins ish and on default settings come out at 35000kbps ish which is short of the original source of 52000kbps If I change to "High" settings the bitrate is over 100000kbps which is silly when the source is half that resulting in huge file sizes The closest I can get to the original source is 40000kbps from the menu. Clearly 20-30 years from now when our videos are stretched over ever increasing resolutions they are going to look inferior so we need the encode capturing as much detail from the original source as possible. Is there a way for me to man
  2. Hi I have the latest version of Videopad installed and have a brand new PC: Top spec I7 8700K, 16GB RAM, 3GB GTX 1060 dedicated graphics card, Samsung EVO SSD. I bought this spec so I could specifically edit videos. Creating videos is very difficult. I use 4k clips recorded from my phone (mp4) and high resolution photos (20MP from a Sony RX100 camera) Once the video is approx 2-3 mins long everything grinds to a halt. "Building preview", sound playing but video frozen, sequence preview grayed out so only clip preview works (after waiting for it to build the preview) I have en
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