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  1. Again guys: When I open the /Users/<username>/Library/Containers/com.nchsoftware.videopad/Data/Library/Caches folder (this is where eventually looks like they are stored in my Mac), you can "get info" of a large amount of GB (say this folder for me is 77GB), but when you open the folder an go to the files (stored as .vpj), they are just few kilobytes! So, it means the big files are there but...invisible? How can I remove them? Yesterday I had almost 80GB free and now I'm left with 17. It's kind of urgent! Sorry to bother you...Thanx again
  2. Somehow, yes. Thanxxx
  3. Hi Macfly, Great! It worked. Thanxxx a lot Something else: Does anybody know if the default storage folder destination (one mentioned right above) can be changed?? Thanx once more! Eltron
  4. Hi there! Can somebody please inform me about the location of storage of data of the VideoPad Editor on Mac? thanxxx, Eltron
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