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  1. That's the problem with software and just about everything. I think my refrigerator is smarter than I am.... We probably have different problems with similar symptoms, but here are my other settings under options: VIDEO: Screen capture with 60 fps, gamma ramp NOT checked AUDIO: Speakers checked, and from pull-down menu I selected MMDevice
  2. What helped me was loading Debut before loading whatever I wanted to record. When I started opening Debut before anything else, I had no problems with synchronized and/or garbled audio and video. I still have the occasional issue with audio being recorded at a very low volume, but if I reboot the computer, that issue goes away.
  3. I tried Debut for a couple days, liked it, so bought it and VideoPad last night. I registered it no problem...except it doesn't work any more. The video records fine, but the audio is garbled. It sounds like there are two audio tracks on playback and at least one is high pitched, as though they were on a different speed. I think this might be the case because the audio ends long before the video when I replay. I'm using the setting for speaker. On the free trial, I used microphone to record, which was terrible. I tried SPEAKER > MMDevice (whatever that is) and was still out of synch. Then
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