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  1. Is it possible to "lock" the invoices so that the invoice can not simply be deleted?
  2. I made out a Credit Note in October, upon doing the March Statment this credit note all of a sudden reflects as if it was created in March. When I view the credit notes the date still shows October. I have deleted the credit note completely but it still reflects on the statement! Any idee how I can get rid of this credit note?
  3. Yes, it does this dispite of the filters. If I go delete a payment received and re-enter it, then only does the payment show. I can go back and delete all the invoices and payments received, but I was hoping there was an easier way.
  4. I am a new user and was not part of the setup of Express in our company but we have been using the program since 2014. On the balance sheet my accounts payable balances are incorrect, if I open a spesifik account it only gives details until 08/03/2017, from there on none of the invoices or payments received reflect in the account. Does any one know why this is happening and how I can fix this?
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