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  1. I have found that VP really doesn't deal well with large sped-up files. The constant buffering in the preview window alone is maddening. What I've had to start doing is first exporting the raw sped-up video as a whole (no cuts, no other effects), then importing the newly-created file into my main project and editing that. Time consuming at first, but saves major headache later.
  2. Holy moly, that I never saw the 'save sequence audio' option before now is embarrassing. I don't make multiple sequences and so never used that tab. Thank you very much notadev! Saves me a lot of hassle.
  3. Certainly these workarounds aren't great and I hope you're able to figure out a way to normalize multiple clips to each other (emphasis on "to each other," just doing a batch normalize like echo and flanger operations will not produce the desired result. I presumed this was why the program doesn't do it.) What I've decided to do in the meantime is quieten the outro music track to about the same level of the voice track, export, new sequence, import rendered file, normalize audio, then finally re-export losslessly, which goes quickly. This introduces some fiddly problems and I really don't like the wait of importing twice, but I'll live.
  4. After searching other threads about normalizing in videopad, none deal with this issue. I have two audio tracks (first is pre-normalized outro music, 2nd is raw voiceover) in one project synced to video. Because of signalling claps used during voiceover that are removed in editing, normalizing before editing is pointless. I need to be able to normalize a specific edited audio track across multiple clips. I haven't been able to find out how to export as one file a specific audio track that has multiple clips, so I can't use that kind of workaround. Finally, I can't normalize the rendered video because the outro music is already at 0db, nothing would be changed. Attempting to use audacity to highlight and normalize the voiceover screws up the outro music fade in (which is behind some of the voiceover). So what am I missing here? What's my way forward?
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