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  1. 7 hours ago, Telephony said:

    By "preview" I am not referring to the list of recordings...what I do mean is ... I have the Hi8 camcorder attached and hit the play button on the camcorder.    The video plays on the Debut screen, but no sound is there.   I haven't yet hit the record button, but merely looking at the video (with sound only) before deciding what part(s) I wish to record.   When I do hit the "record" button on Debut, both video and sound gets recorded.   



  2. I have NCH Debut Pro 5.0.  I am using it to transfer videos from an old Hi8 Camcorder to my Windows 10 computer.    Based on the NCH recommendations for a capture device at  http://www.altoedge.com/usbcapture/index.html, I bought the Diamond VC500.  I hooked up the S-Video, and the Red & White cables.  I installed the driver for that along with the PowerDirector12 software that came with the VC500, but I really want to use the Debut software instead.

    Problem is: When using Debut, in previewing the video on the computer screen (ie, before hitting the Record Button), Debut shows the video, but NO sound.   I tried hitting the record button, and oddly enough, the recorded MP4 file DOES have the sound, just not the preview.   When I do the same operation using PowerDirector12 software, the sound come through normally on both the preview and the record.    I checked through all the OPTIONS in Debut, but could not find one that effected the sound while previewing.   Any idea how to get SOUND to come through in the Debut preview of the video?

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