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  1. The Manual needs changing then.
  2. BroadCam Manual States "If using Free copy you must add a link to NCH Software" it states the link/code is at the bottom of the links page, this is not showing, Local and Public code but nothing below. Can you give me the code to add? David
  3. Is it Possible to use Vmix as the input for Live Streaming in Broadcam. It shows under add device: Vmix Video Vmix External 2 Vmix Video YV12 and shows all the Audio buses Selecting Vmix Video and the selecting RTMP in Vmix and starting Stream in Vmix it shows the Live Stream momently but Vmix then comes up with an error "Cannot read RTMP handshake response" What are the correct settings to use Vmix, have tried various settings. Thanks David
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