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  1. I need some help and advice please. i upgraded to 4.01 and am running on OS Mojave 10.14.5 Some glitches are occurring so I want to reinstall software How is this done to avoid losing any data? Thanks for any replies
  2. I paid for the new version (4.01) which I run on OS 10.14 When I used to enter Payee the Category and Sub Category were as per the last entry and all I had to do was enter date and amount Now with every Payee you have to re-enter the Category and Sub Category each time, this is a backward step since you generally enter same data for each Payee When you Edit a transaction you have to re-enter the Category and Sub-C again, this is a complete waste of time and shows little knowledge of users needs Finally when I had entered the payment value I just pressed Return on the computer to enter the transaction, now I have to move cursor and press OK, why this backward step? Finally, I find it unstable, it has crashed once and hung up twice since I paid for the 'update', a poorly thought out upgrade purely to make revenue and not improvements If this is not corrected then I will not renew MoneyLine again and look for a better programme when my year end arrives Does anyone else feel this way?
  3. I have just upgraded from 2.04 to 4.01 The screen colour is now green, can this be changed? Are there any other personalisation features? Many thanks
  4. When entering several earlier transactions is there a way of keeping the date of the last transaction for the next one? The date always reverts to the current date for each new transaction and has to be reset every time, if the date remained as of the last transaction it would help Is this an option?
  5. Hi, can I backup my data to a USB stick and then run from the stick when traveling? Do I need an internet connection to open and run MoneyLine? Thanks
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