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  1. Hello Telephony, I have traid to play it exporting to .mp3 and to .wav with VLC or foobar2000. No sound. Also in the VLC osciloscope no sign of life :S. No problem with others audio file. I don't know if it means anything, but I have installed WavePad and it shows the flat line when using the option "Edit clip in WavePad". I have read that MixPad stores audio in files with .aud extension, but I have mi project file (*.mdp) in the desktop, and there is no *.aud file there. Where MixPad stores audio files? Thanks.
  2. Hello, We have been recording a podcast with a single microphone. After the recording, the project played well. Then, I saved the project and tried to export to .wav. To my surprise, the exported wav has no sound, although the length is ok. So I came back to Mixpad and tried to play the clip. It does not sound, althought the clip was no flat line. It was around 30 minutes of audio. Have I lost it?. Any way to recover It? Thanks
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