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  1. Thanks for answer, but, what do you tell me to do with its app? If I must recrop with VideoPad, it's not a solution because it is specially what I must do actually with Vegas Pro and I must playuse many keyframes to adapt the crop for each pics. The only acceptable solution is turning black background to green and then chromakeying its color in Vegas. If NCH would implement a Alpha Channel option for background, it would be a better solution, but I'm sure they don't... Actually, I can't chromakeying the result of PhotoStage because black color is inside all pics. If background could be a Alpha Channel, it could be so easy to made it transparent. In example, you can see the problem in its vidéo: At 1'44", the first incrustation of a PhotoStage render is recropped as it was possible in Vegas. But in some transition (rotations), we can see black background. But around 3'35", I was so tired to made those recrops. So, if anybody have any other solution, thank you so much.
  2. Hello, In PhotoStage 4.04, I'm not able to found any option to modify the black background color. I need to do that for a ChromaKey effect in Vegas Pro while I made an incrustation of any slideshow over another main vidéo. It's a really big problem to masking black borders each side of pictures. Any perfect workaround coul'd be implementing any option to turn the background transparent but I fear it's not planned in its app. Thank you for help.
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