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  1. 1. I think the obvious solution here is to offer a selection or just try it and refine it over time to find what works. The main idea here, though, is to be able to see multiple compositions at one time and to be able to reorder them. 2. Yeah, the Object Tab at the top is too primitive. Kermit Woodall
  2. The 'Scene Window' idea could also be done by revising the Composition window to show more than one comp at a time and use a thumbnail/name to represent it. Kermit Woodall
  3. I already submitted these to NCH directly but would like to discuss them here as well to stimulate other ideas. My suggestions were these: 1. Add a Scene Window that would show you thumbnails of the compositions. Allowing you to quickly, and visually, change from one composition to another. They would have a thumbnail snapshot of that composition. You could drag and drop them to reorder them. For people coming from presentation software, this would be a very familiar interface. You might also see the entire timeline below showing Scenes/Compositions represented there instead of the layers? 2. Add a Toolbar on the right to select between Objects (and perhaps some high level categories of objects), Text, Effects, Audio/Music and more. Once one is selected you then get a visual selector for the graphics, music, etc. This window could be used to replace the current New Object dropdown - which requires too many clicks to find the clipart you want. It's far more intuitive and easier to navigate. 3. Puppet Warp. If you've seen this in Photoshop you know what it is. You use this to animate a warp/deform of an object/layer. You put dots on the object/layer image and then when you move them and place animation points you get movement. Could be used to make a character walk, dance, move anything. See here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIYxyQ2s64c 4. New idea - as well as NCH's own clipart library - why not build in a visual selector for GIPHY's Sticker images? They've got thousands of images that would be amazing for ExpressAnimate. Check these out - https://giphy.com/studiosoriginalstickers Here's a quick mockup I put together with these ideas. https://imgur.com/d88BjIk Kermit Woodall
  4. This should really be called 'Group'. Basically, it's similar to the similar feature in Photoshop. It lets you group together multiple layers. I don't know why you would call it 'Dummy'. Useful though! Kermit
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