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  1. Sandra

    Sound Tap

    Ever since installing Sound Tap keep getting BSODs 2 or more a day, removed it and seems to be stable so far (fingers crossed) Windows 7 64 bit Very frustrating Cheers Sandra
  2. Sandra

    Transmit Option

    Ok cleared up a few other issues, version 5.37 paid for and for email support. Unable to get audio files to be transmitted across another machine we have checked everything adminstrator levels, username and password which it doesnt seem to like? And keeps saying check credentials. Been trying this for about a week, no luck. Any secret tricks to this??
  3. And me again! Solved the timing thingy, NCH (Thanks Jamal) reinstalled but found the problem was that the starting date was always current, put it back a day and bingo recording started. Now having a problem with transmit - i am a dummy on this issue, but hopefully will have it solved shortly its got to be logical
  4. Me again Second attempt I have been using 4.05 very successfully since about 2005 however the software crashed on the xp machine and cdnt be restarted or repaired i purchased a new win 7 box installed the second sound card and the 5.37 demo to test it out, i have the four mono channels working, not quite happy with the quality but assume that is just a matter of fiddling with, but unable to get timed recordings working it is running 24 hours 7 days. Every time i edit the timed settings field it happily lets me make changes but as soon as i press ok it goes back to 24 hour and 7 days a week i have already sent logs and a screen shot of the timer settings when i got a non paid technical support reply. Getting desperate if it doesnt work i may have to look around for something else to do the job and am not willing to spend that much money which is a lot for a micro business if it doesnt work properly and you dont get satisfactory support. I also notice that the non technical support line is no longer linked when you ask for support i can only assume that this is an error? I will pay for the software but would like to know that it is functional before paying that much and am concerned about the lack of support for prospective purchasers.
  5. Have been using an old version of VRS (4.05) for a very long time and no problems until the system crashed Bought a new machine to run it on and downloaded latest version demo to test before purchasing had a struggle to get it working and now running nicely however when i try to edit the timed settings it allows me to enter the changes but when i press ok it just reverts back to 24 hour 7 days a week. I have it set on continuous and i am at wits end (where ever that is) Sandra PS Forgot to add, am using Windows 7 default audio card and add in card they are working nicely, got 4 mono channels coming in as required (got a usb sound 'card' but that is a later step to get 6 channels)using 5.37 VRS Desperately seeking help S
  6. Am at hair pulling out stage, I did have two audio cards pulling in 4 mono channels into VRS - had problems with channels on the secondary audio card they kept dropping off, decided to purchase the M-Audio 4 port card. Am a total techno klutz and have spent a couple of days trying to make it work. No usable instructions that i can make sense of in box. When all four are plugged in its a mess, plugging in only two mono sources gives me four channels obviously two are shadowed. No idea how to fix it, business going down gurgler ---- Help Sandra
  7. Sandra

    Second sound card

    I am sure this is covered somewhere but cant find it, one sound card (default) installed recording two mono channels need to install second sound card to record two additional mono channels, I can put the sound card in vaguely remember there is a bit of a trick for getting the second sound card running not outputing any sound by the way, just recording, have professional version of vrs (which by the way is magic ) - normally do a a physical switch over at mid day but going away for fourteen days and need to keep recording so need to add in extra channels. Help?????
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