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  1. Hi -- I did create back up folders, but when I tried restoring them the files are empty. I also had set up web access, but that seems to only work with the now dead hard drive? It won't kill me to have to redo a year's worth of accounts, but before I start again I just want to make sure I am saving them and backing them up properly. Thanks, Karen.
  2. My computer died, once last year and now this week. After last year's debacle, I saved Express on my dropbox file so everything would be continuously backed up. I also did a backup most months. I can access my dropbox and all my express files, I downloaded the program onto another computer (while I hope mine will be repairable) but I can't figure out how to let it know where the data is. I have tried -- simply restoring backup, doing a blank back up and then restoring from that folder -- neither works. How do I get the new software to recognize the old data? Thanks, Karen.
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