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  1. Hi there,


    When we are creating a new invoice, is there a key stroke (or shortcut key on the keyboard) to search for the items instead of clicking on the drop down and scrolling through the list to select an item.

    I have seen in lot of many other softwares where either F2 or F3 is being used to pull up a search dialogue box which enables us to search for the items easier.


    Is this option available, if yes please advise as I find it difficult to create invoices by scrolling through the item list.

  2. Thank Chris.


    Just to clarify, If I go now and add the same item in Inventoria (which I had already added in Express Accounts) will this duplicate the entry (or item) when I see it in Express Accounts while creating an invoice.


    Or do I have to delete the item from the list in the Express Accounts and then add it in the Inventoria. 

  3. Hi geertrijins,


    In Express Invoice, go to the options and in the left panel of the options dialogue box click the ' + ' next to Business and you would see 'logo'. Click on that text 'icon' and now you would be able to see the option to increase the size of the logo

  4. Hi elk,


    Thanks for the details but unfortunately I didnt get my answer still.

    Question is: What if 2 or more users login to the web portal (and/or) local computer "SAME TIME OR SIMULTANEOUSLY"and are updating the data. Will that affect the database or will there be any data loss or what would happen ?

    Please advise

  5. Hi,


    I have installed the software on my computer and have set up the webaccess account. Everything is working great.


    I just have a quick question, that is if I am in the office and working on the software (I have 2 Express Account and Inventoria) can my partner or staff login to the web portal and update the same system. Would there be any issues? ~~ If yes is there any work around that could help me to sort this issue.

  6. Hi there,


    I have the Express Accounts and Invetoria. Now I have also read your instructions and updated the 2 software to allow access. When I update an item in the Inventoria it shows up in the Express Accounts - THAT IS FINE :-) .

    However the problem is when I am raising an invoice in the Express Accounts and add a new item, it is still showing up in the Express Account but it does not update my inventory software (Inventoria). Could you please help.


    I need to have this fixed so I can start using this software as apart from that its an great software.

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