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  1. Hi borate, Thank you so much. And finally, how do we mark the thread as solved? Can I do it or moderator does it? I hope this will also help others. Regards,
  2. Hi borate, Did anyone tell you that you were a genius? Well, to be honest I did but I didnt think that would be the way of it. After I saw the curves on edges, I said "no, that's not the way it is. There must be a special button or menu for that. After your advise, I decided to give it a try as there was nothing to lose. And it worked! I appreaciate you! Just, one thing I need to ask, how do you determine the best position for "strength" slider? Is there a precise point for it or you just adjust it as you like? Thank you so much again.
  3. Hi borate, Thank you for your contribution. I think that's how you add fisheye effect. But I need to know how to remove it from the video. The effect wasnt added by videopad. It is the way that video was recorded with fisheye lenses. Thanks,
  4. Hi, This is Umit. I am very new to the forum but I ve been using Videopad for a couple of months. I did a good long video with it. But now I have an issue. Before opening a new post, I made a seach through the forum but no result. So, I have a Eken budget action camera which records with fisheye effect. But I need to remove it while editing on Videopad. I found that some other editting softwares can remove it but I do editting with Videopad since I purchased a license. Can you please help me about how to remove the effect of fisheye with Videopad? Thanks in advance,
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