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  1. OK after many trials on mac and windows here is what works on Windows 10 at least. Separate the video and audio inputs between two USB ports as follows: Install the Elgato device and then plug into a usb port. Purchase a USB audio input device for example ....Sabrent Aluminum USB External Stereo Sound Adapter for Windows and Mac. $7.49 on amazon. Plug in into another usb port. In the audio options for Debut select Microphone (USB audio device) If you go into the system mixer in windows you can select or deselect AGC (auto gain control) for the Sabrent device Plug your external audio into the Sabrent. It has a mini plug input so you may need an adapter. Victory Nothing quite like hours of trial and error and a pile of technology.
  2. I made some progress with Elgato device. Turns out that how the audio is set can cause the unable to connect error. So now I'm able to record video but without sound. I followed the advice posted elsewhere to enable the Stereo Mix System Mixer in windows and chose that as the audio input in Debut and checked speakers. Still no sound but also I get a feedback loop when i turn on the speakers. ugh
  3. After a very long trial and error process I finally got my Debut on Windows to see the Elgato usb input device however I can't get Debut to record audio from the Elgato. It records from the built in PC mic. I tried the Elgato app and it does work properly with video and sound. I followed your instructions above and no sound gets recorded...and also I end up with a feedback loop on the speakers when I stop recording. I have also noticed that if I select analog audio in from the Elgato device I get an error (fail to connect to device) when opening the record screen. Thanks for any help.
  4. OK, so my final experiment is that I tried both usb digitizers with Debut on a Windows machine. Neither works. So based on my research only builtin or external usb web cams work with Debut as well as the screen capture functions.
  5. I just tried another digitizer, the SIIG video capture device. Again Debut doesn't recognize it. I'm told that their tech support people are working on this. I wonder is there anyone who has a digitizer board connected to a mac is that is recognized by the Debut software?
  6. I'm having the same problem. Installed Elgato usb digitizer (on my mac) which is on their list of approved devices. The Elgato software driver installs and records using their software but Debut doesn't recognize the device.
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