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  1. Hi Telephony Thanks for your reply. I agree that's possible separately and then place the data in excel sheet but how will you know which item was sold on what date?
  2. Hi Guys really appreciate if you can please help me with my query above.
  3. Hi Elk many thanks for your reply. But I still have the issue. I need report which gives me Items per transaction for a certain number of days. I tried to look at other reports but they dont give details of Transactions. Rather just bill no and date with amount. I need date, bill no., items in each transaction. I can see in transactions folder that it creates .dat files for each bill no. but there's no option to merge them all and have a look.
  4. Hi I would like to get an export of all items per bill no and date. Can you please let me know how is this possible ? Thanks.
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