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  1. I have videopad but I am looking for audio software that is or acts as a DAW. My professional audio device is not compatible with windows audio and I must use asio bridge software https://shop.vb-audio.com/en/audio-apps/19-hifi-cable-asio-bridge.html?SubmitCurrency=1&id_currency=1 to connect to my audio device Anubis. For multiple reasons I would like to find a better way. So anyone know if any of NCH audio software can do this?
  2. This sounds a lot like a problem I have been having using Videopad. If I produce a long video greater than 1:15 hours that are bigger than 23g I use a free program BDRB to shrink it down and after the encode the audio becomes way out of sync. Does not happen ever with other software or studio BD backups.
  3. I think I may have asked this before and I'm checking to see if there are any new features like this in the new versions. Also is there a way to choose and or change the audio format from 24/96 which my versions default audio. Ultimately I would like to be able to choose from a DD AC3 primary audio that was the original audio from the video and on the finished BD disc and a 24/96 audio track that you could toggle between from a remote.
  4. Is there a way to change from 24/96 so a BD movie so 2-3g of audio can be made significantly smaller?
  5. I have for months now tried to figure out why the final BD movie file can't be further processed to fit on a considerably less expensive disc. I am yet to nail it down. Here is a screenshot offering another clue. https://postimg.cc/bsxhzVj8 I tried running the final VP BD movie file through MakeMKV and you can see there are audio sync issues. I had some limited success using HandBrake to convert to a constant frame rate but I would loose both menu and chapter points. I ran a recent video processed in VP 5.12 the hour and 14 min video is 24.1g so will not burn reliably to a 25g disc.
  6. Okay made some headway here. posted up on another forum and was suggested to check if the final Videopad file was a variable video frame rate and use Handbrake to convert it. So I tried it and it worked. I'm not completely sure what that means but for the 1st time I could take a BD movie processed in VP shrink it down in BDRB and the audio stayed in-sync. If there was a way to set VP to a fixed frame rate might totally solve my issue.
  7. I tried proxy editing and didn't seem to help at all. I ordered a FX 8350 CPU and installed it today and looks like the little bump in horse power helped a lot. The video files opened faster and watched videos for several minutes and it only buffered once so I'm thinking this problem may be fixed.
  8. I just did a search and found this. http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/26563-proxy-editing/?tab=comments#comment-67619 I'm guessing you convert all video files to a much lower resolution saving to a new folder do all your editing save the VP project file. Then replace all the lowered resolution files with the originals reopen the saved VP project and I'm just not sure of a good way to lower the resolution and what would be a good one to start with. Running Prism now so I will let you know how this works thanks for the suggestion
  9. Thanks for trying to help me out. I'm sure my issue is my processor I could bump it up a little with a AMD FD8350FRHKBOX FX-8350 FX-Series 8-Core Black Edition Processor From Amazon for $69 that's about as much as this MB will handle. That would take 3.6ghz to 4.2ghz. Probably a better improvement than the video card I tried this weekend.
  10. In this case it's everything. I guess my AMD fx 8150 processor is not good for video editing.
  11. I still don't understand why it doesn't work any better than it does. It's not like I'm doing anything other than trimming the ends of each file no transitions nothing but cut and remove. I got used to using it and when it buffers I quickly hit the space bar twice and I'm kind of able to keep watching it. As it is now it will buffer every few seconds so if I was doing any thing more serious it would never work. I had set the playback video to the smallest resolutions way back when I started using it. My buddy who has a store bought complete HP computer that is half what I have but has a cheap
  12. Thanks not sure what to make of the benchmarks. Looks like my CPU is fair at best. Here is a score from a test from the new video card software to me looks like it is pretty good until you compare it to gamer computers. https://postimg.cc/5YN0kJKk
  13. This has been an ongoing issue I have been dealing with from the beginning. I can only guess something about my system is not up to snuff. Today I went to Micro Center to get a better video card and was told it is likely the CPU. I don't see how I have a AMD 8 core 3.6 processor with 16g of ram. Here are a few screenshots showing. Also what is a better way to upload pictures? https://postimg.cc/Jy4nnm3c https://postimg.cc/qzsMxgjx https://postimg.cc/wtG6jNjg You can see all 8 cores are being used at around 70% and drops to 40% when it's buffering. So I'm at a loss wh
  14. To really make the test accurate I used a backup BD movie file because it is more difficult to hear the audio sync on mountain bike videos. I processed it in VP 5.20 and then BDRB shrinking a 20g file to 7.6g The audio was off a little at the beginning but it was way way off at the end. It was impossible to tell how much minutes for sure. For what it's worth the video looked great so neither VP or BDRB harmed the quality at all.
  15. I have another idea. I got a buddy of mine to buy VP recently I will go process it at his house.
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