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  1. Being able to set fade out on a very short portion of the sample would be very useful to avoid pops in trimmed samples. I know that Wavelab has it but it's outside of my financial reach. I really think that if an operation is allowed in batch mode, it should be allowed with the same degree of flexibility as in non-batch mode, espacially that you can set parameters for other operations in the batch mode. I will add it to that feature request. Thanks
  2. PHassan

    Loop editor

    That will just repeat sample few times, right ? So if my sample is 1 second long and I will choose 3 times repeat, I will have 4 second sample without any loop points. I'm talking about loop points used in samplers and that option has nothing to do with it.
  3. PHassan

    Loop editor

    I cannot find any loop points option. I think it is essential to have it in any audio editor and I hope it is hidden somewhere in WavePad. Thanks
  4. Hi I have some questions regarding batch processing. I would like to use wavepad to prepare samples for my sampler but I dont understand few things: - I cannot edit settings of fade out in batch mode - I would like to fade out a tiny part of sample at the end to avoid 'clicks' - cannot see a bit depth conversion in batch processing - I have a lot of 24 bit samples and I need them to be 16 bit. Thanks
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