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  1. There is a fundamental design flaw in the Moneyline reconciliation process. It does not allow for unreconciled deposits and payments. If there are unreconciled items as at the reconcile date, it forces a ''balance adjustment entry'' which throws the balance out. You then have to unreconciled that entry and delete it and then the next month will have the wrong starting balance and won't reconcile. I got around the problem by (1) changing the starting balance to force the system to reconcile properly after the balancing entry was deleted, then changing the starting balance back to what it was before. This corrected the beginning balance for the reconciliation. Now I make sure I only ever reconcile to a date on which there are no unreconciled items. Overall, the program is very good, but the developers need to fix this issue. Express Accounts reconciles correctly. They should use the same method.
  2. If you import your CSV into Excel, you can quickly combine deposit and withdrawal columns using a formula like =IF(D2=0,E2,0-D2). You need to adjust the formula depending on which columns you have withdrawal and deposit data, but once you get the formula correct, it's very simple to move your mouse to the lower right corner of the cell that you typed the formula into and double click and Excel will run down the sheet and put the correct value in every cell. Then you can re-save the file as a CSV and it will import correctly
  3. Can anyone tell me how to set up a connection to National Australia Bank? Where can I find the information needed to connect?
  4. But it can't differentiate between a deposit and a purchase. It puts the purchases I the deposit column as negatives. Am I doing something wrong?
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