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  1. 3 hours ago, Telephony said:


    Start by clicking the New button in the toolbar. You will need to supply a name for your effect and then use the effect window to add a series of effects to create your new voice. Once you are happy with your voice, click on Save and your voice will appear in Voxal's left hand panel ready for you to use.

    Tip: It is helpful to add an Amplify effect to your voice so that you can have good control over its volume level. This will help to reduce the need to keep adjusting the output level on Voxal's main screen. You will see that all the effects which are built into Voxal include an Amplify effect.

    Note: Your computer only has a limited amount of processing power which means there will be a limit to the number of effects you can add. If you start to notice that Voxal is not performing well and you are getting breaks in your microphone audio, then you may need to decrease the number of effects applied to that voice.


    Sorry i mean new female voice pack or any new settings for the female voice because i don't really know which settings is the best for usual female voice.

  2. Just wondering if i could make the female/girl voices more real. There's 3 females' voices only, im curious if i could add more female/girl sounds or any settings for the pitch etc.

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