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  1. FOLLOW UP: i went and changed the 3 gif images that would not work in VP and changed them to .jpg. they all now work in VP with no problem. how do you like that? i didn't read anywhere that VP rejects .gif files so i'm a bit confused. haven't tried using another couple of other gif image files... maybe after i get some sleep. bye now
  2. hey all, i found out why (sort of) image(s) would not 'extend' out when using mouse or when setting time duration. apparently, while troubleshooting, i selected, of all the hundreds of images i have on my pc, the 3 images that would NOT work on VP!! what are the frikiin' odds of that? i went back and concluded that the problem had to either be: that the software was corrupt so i would have to remove and reinstall it OR images used were bad. i went the easier route and grabbed ANOTHER 4-5 banner images AND THEY ALL WORKED!. un-effin'-believable! now, the 3 images i used prior, that did not work happened to be gif files. gif files are suppose to work with VP right? they weren't animated gifs, look okay to me, am able to upload to my blogs and they view correctly. crazy. anyway, appreciate all the replies. maybe if i had more sleep i would have figured this out sooner, without having to post, but c'est la vie, no? cheerz - alx
  3. it appears that the one thing i can do is copy/paste image until i get it to the length of the video, which would be quite time consuming, especially if video is 4 minutes or longer.
  4. i don't know, i tried 'alternative' method. when i placed the duration settings of bg image in storyboard mode, i get prompt that says i can only adjust duration within the time of the original image settings. so the image i used has a duration of "0:00:00.500". my video has a duration of "0:00:10.300". keeps saying i can only adjust within .500. prompt actually says this... "Clip duration must be between 1 and 0:00:00.500"
  5. hi, this sounds obvious but how do you make bg image the length of the video added in 'track 2'? when i try to use mouse to scroll it (image in track 1) to the length of the video it doesn't let me. for the life of me, i can't remember what steps i used to create a green-screen video i made prior. i followed steps i've seen in some youtube videos and same instructions basically as you have mentioned but for some reason, i can't get it to work again. in the "clip feature' box it has it so one can "Set end time to time", i tried that but you can only set time to that of the image, you can't make it longer. -alx
  6. i've viewed many youtube videos regarding 'how to greenscreen' tutorials and they all have their different approaches. my problem is i am stuck at editing the background image. i've tried the different techniques in the 'how to' videos but for some reason i cannot extend the image used to the length of the video used. i click on image and try to scroll it across but it will not move. i've tried unattaching audio track from video, to see if that will work, tried different image formats/sizes to see if it was the image used. i think i am missing a step (or two) where these videos assume the viewer already knows what to do, so they do not add it, or something, i am stuck. any thoughts? -alx
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