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  1. Thank you, and thanks for the prompt response. Have followed the link to update with the latest version - - haven't got anything to upload now but will come back to you if we still have problems. Thanks once again for getting on this so quickly!
  2. Link to thread that was running in parallel and has found a workaround
  3. Right - if you export as a video (into .mp4, youtube 720 format) in videopad and then upload that video file directly in youtube then uploads in 2D correctly. The video file created by Videopad is 2D as well. So that works as a work around - it looks like the problem is within the inbuilt youtube uploader in videopad. Youtube used to have a checkbox that you will check if the video you were uploading is in 3D. It now doesn't have that and relies on the metadata within the videofile to identify if is in 3D format. Perhaps the videopad youtube exporter/uploader is encoding the video with that metadata in, which is why youtube recognises it as a 3D video? What's strange is that whatever encoder videopad uses to export as an .mp4 in "youtube 720" format (which I think is the same as the inbuilt youtube exporter/uploader uses) must not include that data. Maybe it's the uploader part of videopad that does?
  4. Here's an example of the video once uploaded to youtube We're trying exporting as an mp4 and then uploading to youtube directly (rather than through videopad) to see if it makes any difference. Will let you know how we get on.
  5. Can't believe just found this - we have exactly the same problem! Been searching for help for ages and yet never saw this thread!! The thread I've just created on the topic is here - we can try share answers! We've been using videopad for a while but have just had to buy new copies as our old PC failed. It's happened ever since with the new installation.
  6. We've been using Debut Screen Capture software and editing in Videopad to upload to Youtube. Last week our computer failed so have just bought a new HP laptop and bought new copies of Debut and Videopad. So fair we've created two videos and when uploaded to youtube (through videopad) both are showing in 3D, instead of 2D, which is what we want. The video is in 2D on videopad, so something is happening on export and upload. When the export to youtube popup opens the "3D video (top to bottom)" checkbox is greyed out, but not checked. If I check the 360 video checkbox I can then check the 3D one - but I don't want to, I just want the video to stay in 2D! Is videopad adding 3D metadata to the file on export, and if so, how do I make it stop doing it? The games are not being played in 3D, and the Debut clips are not being recorded in 3D. I've looked through all the settings and help information I can find but I can't find anything that tells me what to do. Thank you
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