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  1. I know that, but i'm saying for a new update to do more easy the job of putting a callout, without needing of putting effects to rotate or resize a callout, only click the callout in Preview and resize and rotate and move without need of add effects
  2. Well, i never used Sony Vegas, because my PC is really bad, so i use Videopad, but i want it to be like Camtasia Studio in the callouts: Instead of click in the Callout and use effects to only rotate and move a callout, will be better put the Callout, and in the Preview change the position and size directly, why not?
  3. Greetings! This topic is for a little suggestion: Put and resize and move a Callout (or avatar) more easily, because i do videos with my avatar, but i need to put effects to only resizing and moving it and is a little bit annoying, i wish that this can be more easy like: When you put a avatar or some other image in the timeline, you instead of putting effects, only click in the Callout in the Preview and you can move and resize the callout more easily. Please listen to my suggestion -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *-Andreso*
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