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  1. Thanks for the info. I'm looking into Loopback. Apple must have changed things. Back when I used an iMac with OS 10.6, and before that as well, I could use a bit of software called SnapZ Pro to capture video with sound from pages in Safari. Ah well …
  2. Just downloaded Debut version 4.12 for macosx (10.13.6). I've tried recording onscreen video with its accompanying sound, but the only sound source I can choose under the Audio tab in Debut Preferences is 'Built-in Microphone'. This picks up extraneous sounds from the local environment. Is there some hidden option for 'Internal Mac audio' ?
  3. I have used Disketch successfully - in May of this year, to print onto a CD. Same version of Disketch, same printer, and same OS - macOS Sierra. There seems to be a breakdown between the Print command and the summoning up of the Print Dialogue. There is no choice to select the CD tray (labelled 'J' I think) rather than either of the two paper cassettes. Anyone else have this sort of problem? What's mystifying is that it worked 6 months ago.
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