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  1. Hi, I had this crash on a lower version than 5.0 but i manged to go on the news version of 5.0 and it's still not working.
  2. Hi, it does not work as when i open the app it freezes and it goes to no response. I can see the name of the company at the bottom of the page but that's all. And it's impossible to get the backups
  3. Hi Guiz, sadly i did not find any solution ! The support told me to uninstall the software and to reinstall it again. But it did not change anything. I tried to backup my invoices and the settings i had, it was impossible. I had to do some invoice very fact so i created a new account on an other session on my Mac. And there i could be able to set up a new version. But impossible to get back my infos and invoices I really need to get them, it's causing me a lot of problems !! How did you manage it ? Any good news ? joe
  4. Hi, i just have a massive problem with Expresse invoice. I cant open the app anymore. It was all working fine. And it just stoped working. Maybe because i tried to Sync with dropbox ? When i open the app i get this message ? I have tryed to unistal and instal again, nothing hapens allways the same. I would like to make a backup of all my invoices and restart fresh on a new computer but i cant do it .. Please help, i really am struggling. Thanks a lot, Joe
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