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  1. Let me explain how this works, you need to select a background option like the image or solid color > select a Green Screen color. Your background doesn't necessarily need to be colored green to have this effect working. This button lets you select the color of your background. You may use the button to select the color from the gradient box or the eyedropper button to specifically click on the monitor what pixel color to replace. For example, if you want to record yourself using your webcam and your background is a red wall, you need to select a color that matches that red wall. The thresh
  2. No estoy seguro si es a esto a lo que se refiere, pero si una sección en particular se está repitiendo, lo que puede hacer es darle al botón "Borrar área de repeticón". Este lo puede localizar en la parte superior izquierda de la pantalla, es un pequeño ícono con una "X" de color rojo con la parte inferior azul. El ícono se ubica justo arriba de la primera pista. Si no le funciona con esto o se refirere a alguna otra cosa, por favor explique más en detalle para poder entender mejor la situación
  3. Are you getting any error message when trying to send emails? Make sure you have followed these steps to setup your email account: Open your email settings in Express Acconts by clicking the Options button on the toolbar Select Other from the list on the left Click the Email Settings... button Select the radio button for Use SMTP to send email directly to the mail server Enter the server address in the SMTP mail host text box (this varies depending on your email client) Gmail: smtp.gmail.com Yahoo: smtp.mail.yahoo.com or smtp.mail.yahoo.co.uk (i
  4. If you are sure you have not exceeded the size limit, you can try to burn it at a lower speed to see if it makes a difference. You may also want to reinstall the program using this link: https://www.nch.com.au/components/burnsetup.exe
  5. Are you able to select other objects? Make sure you are using the Select icon (the Hand icon) to select the object. You can try to change the view to 2D Blueprint or 2D Rendered view and try to select the object from there to see if it makes a difference. In case you still have issues, you may want to reinstall the program.
  6. In Express Accounts there is only one address field when adding customers data, that is why it only shows one option for address, so you may need to put the full address in one single column in your CSV, there is no workaround. You can go to View > Customers > click the green plus icon to add new customer, so you can have an idea of what fields your CSV can include. NCH Software formally takes suggestions or feedback about products through the form at http://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/
  7. You need to make sure you install the version of Express Invoice that works with your license. In this link you can find a list of all software developed by NCH: http://www.oldversiondownload.com/ Hit Ctrl key + F key to do a search > type Invoice in the box and hit enter. You may need to scroll down to find a link that matches the date you purchase the software (you should be able to install any version released up to six months from the date of purchase or any other earlier version), the last part of the link refers to the date it was released. If you do not know the date, you may ne
  8. If you are using VideoPad and Express Burn, you have two options: VideoPad: In Timeline > move the red cursor to the position you want to set a chapter > right click in upper side of the red cursor > click Set Bookmark at Cursor > click OK. Do the same for all the chapters you want to add. Once done, click Export Video > DVD Movie Disc > select the settings you want to use > click Create > in the next window, check the box "Use bookmarks as chapters" > then, you can go ahead and burn it. Express Burn: Load the video file (it can be a single file) > if th
  9. Do you get the problem with other voices? I would recommend you to create again the custom voice using the same parameters you used in the original one and confirm if the issue persists. In case you still have issues, go ahead and reinstall the program using this link: https://www.nchsoftware.com/voicechanger/vxlsetup.exe
  10. Sadly, the program does not offer any options to increase the text size. What I would recommend you is to transcribe using a word processor like MS Word or any other. NCH Software formally takes suggestions or feedback about products through the form at http://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/
  11. If you have multiple location, then, yes you need to click Update button to immediately perform an item synchronization using the current settings. Note this will import all items from the server Inventoria, but it will only update the quantities from items at the selected location. Items will not show in Express Invoice, when using Inventoria as the server program, you can update Inventoria's inventory levels from other programs, that's all, it wll not sync any other data.
  12. If you want to use the batch processing tool to do that, click Batch icon > click Add File > add the files you want to modify > click Next > click Add to add effects > click "Select Specified time" > for End Time enter 30s > click Select > click Add to add a new effect > select "Trim (delete all but the current selection) > click OK > click Add to add a new effect > select "Fade out" > click OK > Add a new effect > "Convert sample rate" > click OK > once you have added all the effects you need > click Next > select the Output format and
  13. What is the error message you are getting? NCH recommends ASIO for both playback and recording. ASIO will provide the best performance and the lowest possible latency and offer the greatest accuracy when synchronizing recordings. ASIO will also allow you to play and record from multiple channels of the same device. If you don't have an ASIO capable sound card then you should choose DirectSound as your playback option and MME as your recording option. Another option is to install the driver from ASIO4ALL which provides a layer over the regular soundcard, allowing it to be used as an ASIO d
  14. You may try to submit a support ticket as fred28 suggested, once you get a reply from the support team, you can attach the pictures. You can also upload the pictures o Google Drive or Dropbox and share the download link. In the meantime, you can try to reinstall the app and confirm if the issue persists.
  15. Yes, the NCH watermark will show up on the files you save using the free version, once you purchase and register the program, it will disappear
  16. Was it working before? Are you using Mac or Windows? You may try to reinstall the program and confirm if the issue persists.
  17. elk

    Stone Wall

    Draw a wall > under Building tab > click Paint > from the left panel > click Wall Style icon > select a texture for the wall (you ca also import your own textures using the Import Textures button) click OK > to paint the wall with the texture you have selected > move the cursor to the wall you want to modify and click on it
  18. If you need to set different taxes, click Options > Tax tab > from the Sales Tax System drop down menu, select the system you want to use > set the tax rate for each of the taxes you need to apply > click OK. Then, you may need to go to your item list > edit your items, one by one, to set the correct tax rate for each item > click OK.
  19. No, if you are running the speech to text feature, you cannot manually transcribe another dictation simultaneously, you need to wait for its completion to start transcribing
  20. What is the name of the program you are referring to? WavePad, MixPad, VideoPad? Do you get the problem with all the files or just some of them? What is the format of the files you are using?
  21. Hello, once you open the image > from the Home menu > click Resize > from the right side panel, for Units select pixels > type in the required width/height > from the Units drop down menu select Inches to enable the Resolution field > type in 72 > click Menu > File > Save for Web > follow the on screen instructions to save the file
  22. Could you explain what occurs when you try to transfer the files using ClassicFTP? Are you getting any error message? Do you get the problem with all the files or just some of them? You may want to reinstall the program using this link: https://www.nchsoftware.com/classic/cftpsetup.exe In case you still have issues, I would recommend you to submit a support ticket: https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html
  23. It seems you have selected your mic to record. Make sure you have selected the correct device to record. Click Options > Recordings tab > select the Device and Input from the drop down menus > click OK to save the changes.
  24. What occurs when you try to make changes? Are you getting any error message? If the the balance changed, first, I would recommend you to confirm that you are viewing the correct account. You can select the account from the list in the left side panel (Banking Accounts section). Then, in the main screen, for "Period", select All from the drop down menu > check if all the transactions you have entered are correct. In case you want to change the balance, from the top menu, click Accounts > View Accounts > double click on the account you want to modify > enter a different Starting or C
  25. Puede que el problema haya sido en la ventana del asistente de importación de archivos. Cuando le de la opción de "Importar artículos desde CSV", seleccione el archivo a importar > haga click en Siguiente > en la siguiente ventana iguale los campos de datos para que coincidan > en esa misma ventana, en la parte de abajo, debe indicar en cuál fila del CSV empiezan los Datos de los artículos, si se indica la fila de forma incorrecta, puede tener problemas como el que explicó
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