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  1. Hi,

    On most forums, there's a button like "Attach file", but there seems to be nothing of that sort here, which is weird.

    Any admin monitoring this thread ... is there a way of doing that?

    Meanwhile, I suggest you ask your client to send the audio file using WeTransfer.



  2. Hi,


    The http:// URL is almost certainly a link to a page that will play the recording to you. It's not a link to the file as such.

    I've taken a quick look at the Free Conference Call site, and it would appear that the recording starts playing on a page with a bunch of buttons up above it. Is that right?

    Among those buttons there should be one to download the recording. Or there might be a "Share" button, and when you click that, one of the options may be "Download".

    Either way, the solutions is to download the file to a convenient folder on your computer and then just open it in Express Scribe Pro.

    If that's not clear, post a screen shot of what you see when you follow the link, and I'll see if I can make a more precise suggestion.




  3. 9 hours ago, GrayGray said:


    I would like to type into the Express Scribe software using a Table format with several columns, or at least a singe column but that will copy-paste easily into a Word table, with successive utterances fitted into their own cell of the table. I tried setting a Template document to do this but apparently that only determines the type of file, not the formatting of the file's contents. Am I wrong about this? Will I have to simply type into MS Word to get it into Table format first time around, or is there a way I have overlooked of typing into Table format within the Express Scribe software?

    Thank you,


    Hi Gray,

    Just make sure there's a new paragraph for each utterance. When Transcription is finished, copy/paste to Word. Then select all the text and choose Insert> Table. This will create a single-column table with each utterance in a separate cell.

    You can then add as many columns as you like.



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