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  1. Hi there, I am desperately trying to find a solution to my Infinity In USB -2 ver 14 that is not working with my Mac computer. I bought this device as I am newly set up in business and many companies use Express Scribe. I ordered it believing it would work immediately but it did not. I have registered my Express Scribe pro and when I went to run the set up wizard for the controller it says "Plug and play controller diagnostics for Express Scribe Transcription (Registered) v 6.05 (Mac OS X 10.11.6): No devices found". I plugged it into another computer ( a non Mac) to see if it would install and it did not. I sent a message to NCH customer servcies who did promptly get back to me asking me with the following instructions: "to check the device is working properly and being detected by your system please click on "Apple logo -> About this Mac -> System report -> Hardware -> USB" you should see your device in the devices list". I did this and the foot pedal was not detected. I sent an email with a screen shot which shows that there was no detection of the foot pedal and is shows that my computer is using the latest hardwarde 3.0. I then received an email today from the customer service agent saying that it may be possible that because my PC runs on hardware USB 3.0 bus there is a possibility of foot pedal conflict as it's USB 2.0 device. If find this strange as my newly bought USB hub runs on 2.0 and works perfectly fine. When I plugged my foot pedal in the USB hub it still didn't work. I am inclined to believe this is a software problem and not a product one. I am at my wits end. I called the vendor that I bought it from and they tried their best. Can anyone out there with a similar experience, advise me on a compatible foot pedal that will work my Mac or do I need to ask for a refund and purchase a new transcription kit? Thanks in advance NGI
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