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  1. I'm sure if you make your total sales a header account, you can add sub accounts but you must link them to the Sales Ledger. Best I can suggest.
  2. You might try Acct No. SALES. (Header Account) selected from Chart of Accounts Acct No. Sales - Malaysia 8 Day Package Acct No. Sales - 12 Day Package Acct No Purchases 8 Day Acct. Purchases 12 day Etc. REMEMBER TO BACKUP YOUR ACCOUNTS BEFORE MAKING CHANGES. If you don't like the result or they don't work for you, it's easy to restore to your original.
  3. RFH


    You could add an account for each of these employees but you probably need to have another account which shows total salaries and tax etc. If you have a few employees it's probably better to have a separate payroll program which will also print payslips etc. If this isn't possible, and you only have a few employees, you could possibly consider using Multiple Businesses under 'ACCOUNTS' in the header bar and create an account for each employee. You then need to add the total salaries into you main business account ledger.
  4. Click on Accounts in the header bar and select import data from Express Invoice. This adds data to the Sales Day Book.
  5. Go to Chart of Accounts. If the account is listed click on it and at the Botton of the window you'll see a box to enter balance. If you need to add a new nominal ledger, under Chart of Accounts, click on add and enter name, and balance.
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