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  1. Well thanks for the try, but that is not the answer. I just got this program and am using the latest version. I certainly have to express complete frustration with this program and regret purchasing the "pro" version. In addition to this problem the application completely reverses the colors on some photos - photos that were taken and treated identically to other photos which appear fine. Reds show as blue, greens as purple, etc. I can correct some of the problems via severe editing within the program but the results are still weird, not to mention taking tons of time. Again, cannot corre
  2. In addition to photos, I'm attempting to add some drawings to a slideshow. These are largely black & white line drawings with text. The drawings (I'm an architect) were made from original PDF documents which I've converted to formats acceptable to PhotoStage (jpeg, tiff, png). No matter what the file type or resolution the images in PhotoStage are horrible - lines are grossly pixilated and text is virtually unreadable. This is true whether in PhotoStage or exported video or whether the imported files are 250KB or 100MB in size. The files opened in any other graphic application are crisp an
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