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  1. Just dropping by in case anyone else browses this forum looking for answers... I've been using a VEC Infinity for at least four years now, and was beginning to experience similar lagging/unresponsiveness - even on a new Win10 machine with the latest version of Express Scribe Pro. Reading Ingrid's experience here, I was inspired to consider the hardware side. Picking up the pedal, I found there were four standard screws holding the bottom plate on. Removing these, I discovered a tremendous amount of DUST built up inside the pedal! After a thorough blasting with compressed air and carefully
  2. Express Scribe Basic is freeware. However, to access all features of Express Scribe (such as Digital Speech Standard file format playback), you must purchase a Pro license. You can purchase just a pedal, but the pedal is offered bundled with this Pro version of the software at a discount should you need both. For instance, my primary doctor client dictates DSS. Hope that helps!
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