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  1. Hello All, I have some clips in a video sequence, where the audio volume varies substantially among clips. Other than using the volume control for each clip, I am wondering if VideoPad has other tools for smoothing or normalizing the audio volume across the sequence of clips. 1. I note under File an option called "Run Audio Setup Wizard". What is the function of the wizard? Is it relevant to my issue? 2. Under Audio Effects, there is an option called "Amplify". In a clip with volume already set at 100%, will amplify help at all in increasing the audio volume of the clip? Are there are downsides to the use of the Amplify feature? 3. Any other thoughts or suggestions on ways VideoPad functions to provide an even audio volume across a number of clips in a sequence? My thanks in advance for all responses! Regards, GavinG
  2. Borate and Nat, Took the advice you provided on replacing a clip in an existing sequence, and it worked great. Thanks for your help! Saved me from having to re-do a rather longish sequence over again. I appreciate the help. Regards Gavin G.
  3. Thanks to Borate and Nationalsolo for the responses -- two Einsteins with Videopad no doubt! One question for Nat - I am unfamiliar with the symbols //< or >//. Can you please describe the function in Videopad these symbols relate to? Many thanks; AND two questions for Borate - first, when you say "click the focus to that clip", what does that mean? Second, if the new clip will be longer than the clip it is replacing, if I need to move clips that follow the replaced clip to later in the timeline, will this push multiple following clips together to a later time, or will the technique only work if there is but one following clip to the longer, new clip in the sequence? I hope I am being clear in my questions. Thanks again. Regards, GavinG
  4. Hello All, I have an existing sequence of clips, and I have determined that one clip in the sequence needs to be replaced with a new clip. How do I remove the existing clip and replace it with the new clip without otherwise changing the sequence? Thanks in advance to all those who reply. GavinG
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